Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oak Hills Christian College Recognized for Quality, Affordable Distance Learning (AC Online) recently analyzed online degree programs from more than 2,000 accredited colleges and universities across the nation. According to their research, Oak Hills Christian College "offers an exceptional collection of distance learning options at a very affordable price. This combination of quality, affordability, and flexibility earned [Oak Hills] college a place on [their] list of the Online Colleges in Minnesota That Win on Affordability.

You can view Oak Hill’s placement on the following page:

     Online Colleges in Minnesota That Win on Affordability

According to Dan Schuessler, CEO of (AC Online), "Distance learning from today’s best colleges and universities helps students receive a top-notch education while they take care of family and work responsibilities. What’s more, institutions that make quality distance learning affordable show clear commitment to student success and therefore deserve special recognition."
Oak Hills is pleased to have been recognized in this way. We pledge ourselves to continue to offer high quality biblically-centered education marked by flexibility and affordability in all of our online programs.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't "Go It Alone"

American society today is the most individualistic in the world, according to Hofstede (2001). We do not easily integrate into groups. And yet, as individuals we have a deep longing for connecting with others, for sharing life's ups and downs, and for having our lives count for something with others. From the very beginning when God said "Let US make man in OUR image" (Gen. 1:26), we have it as a part of our nature to be in community. In the past, community was defined by location, family, and local involvements. According to Pallof and Pratt (2007) involvement in community today means "making a conscious commitment to a group". In terms of online learning, perhaps we need a bit more of the model of Jesus with his disciples! Individuals learn best in community. Online learners - we encourage you today to forge your community connections and keep them strong. Make the most of discussion connections in your courses with other students and the instructor. Just as importantly, bring what you are learning into your 'communities', wherever they  may be. Mutual encouragement, mutual inquiry, mutual growth -- these are as important in online learning as in the classroom. Don't go it alone!

 Hofstede, G. (2001). Cultures consequences: Comparing values, behaviors, institutions and organizations across nations (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Pallof, R. and K. Pratt. (2007). Building Online Learning Communities (2nd ed.). San Fransisco: Jossey-Bass.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Step Up -- Display the Splendor

What if? What if God really wants you to step up to the challenge of displaying his splendor? Wow!

At Oak Hills Christian College we often reflect on Isaiah 61:3b, "They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor." Who are these mighty oaks? Not the strong, the young, the talented! No! They are the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives and prisoners, and those who have experienced mourning and despair. It is not that these folks are good in and of themselves, but that they have been deeply touched by the hand of Jesus and know his restoration.

Christian adults who have been "knocked around a bit by life" and who have learned the sufficiency of God's grace are among the chosen ones who are able to display God's splendor. The strong, the young, the talented who have responded to the good news of grace have this call as well.

Share your story and share the grace. And when God calls you to go deeper in your understanding of his good news (the gospel) and of the culture in which you live - step up to the challenge. Sure, it may be hard and demand greater grit and perseverance than you ever thought possible. You know all the reasons why you hesitate to start or finish your degree at Oak Hills. You know the pros and cons for joining an online degree program. And still, the call to display God's splendor with all that is in you is there. Step up!

Oak Hills online degree programs include the Bachelor in Leadership and Ministry and the Associate in Biblical Studies and Ministry. You can start your journey today. Don't hesitate. Give us a call.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Our President Speaks - Benefit from an Oak Hills Bible, ministry, and leadership education

 Oak Hills President, Dr. Steve Hostetter shares his heart --

 We live in a world in which there continues to be an accelerating decline in biblical literacy, a weakening grip on the truth of Scripture, and a ballooning  ego-centrism.  Within our sphere of influence, Oak Hills is committed to stemming the tide of these pervasive realities.  In Isaiah 61:3, speaking of the future state of Israel, Isaiah writes that "they shall be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of his splendor," (NIV).  Through the Bible, ministry, and leadership training that Oak Hills provides, our heart's desire is to grow oaks of righteousness so they "may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation" in which they shine like stars and bring glory to God, (Philippians 2:15, NKJV).    

Why is distance education important to Oak Hills?  It is important because our passion is to make an Oak Hills Bible and ministry education available to as many individuals as possible so they will be oaks of righteousness, equipped with a knowledge and understanding of the Word of God and with appropriate ministry and leadership skills. If so, then we, the children of God, will strengthen our capacity to be salt and light in our world within our circles of influence. As a result, through the power and work of the Holy Spirit, we will make a difference for the Kingdom of God!   

In that light, our vision is to make an Oak Hills Christian College education accessible to every Christian adult in northern Minnesota and its bordering neighborhoods. We recognize that there are many who would be delighted to embrace the benefits of an Oak Hills education, but are unable to quit their jobs, uproot their families, and move to the Oak Hills campus.  Therefore, instead of expecting everyone to come to Oak Hills, we need to take an Oak Hills education to them.  This we can accomplish through online courses, programs and degrees as well as through classes taught at alternative sites.

Perhaps you are in a place where you could benefit from an Oak Hills Bible, ministry, and leadership education.  Contact us and we would be delighted to discuss the options with you and help you develop a plan that would best fit your needs.    

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Mission Guarantees It

At Oak Hills Online and On-the-Road, our distance education programs, we promise you:
  1.  You will graduate.  If your goal is to complete your degree, we will back you up! We are small enough to know you personally and we will work with you to meet your goal. We know that challenges come up for adult learners -- challenges in academic coursework and challenges in life. We promise to be responsive and help you overcome those challenges.
  2. You will be equipped and brought to a higher level in your job or ministry. Our Leadership and Ministry degree will build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to be a better leader or manager. You will be a better person in any context with a solid grounding in your faith and in living out your Christian life. If your goal is to be more effective in ministry, whether in a career ministry role or as a lay leader, both the Leadership and Ministry degree and the Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and Ministry will help you know and apply the Word of God.
  3. You will be a life long learner. Learning doesn't end with the degree! You will have the skills needed to keep pursuing your personal interests and you will be prepared to continue to explore your faith, God's Word, and life. We expect your experience at Oak Hills to be transformational -- you will grow!
Our Mission guarantees our commitment to you!
Oak Hills Christian College provides biblically centered higher education which contributes to growth toward Christlikeness and effective service.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Year One - Online in Review

This year, the first academic year that Oak Hills has offered online courses, 47 students completed a total of 125 online courses. Some of these students were online degree-seeking students. Others were traditional on-campus students who filled in needed courses or benefited from a broad range of elective course choices. And some were high school students taking courses for college credit. One high-school student completed 10 online courses, 30 credits, and will enter college as a sophomore! What a great start!

During this year, we have learned a lot and we are expanding the opportunities for students to profit from online education at Oak Hills. Here is a summary of what’s up!

Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Ministry                                    126 Credits
Start from zero or transfer in to complete this degree all online. Tuition is $350/credit and you are eligible to apply for financial aid. Student loan deferral is possible.

NEW!! Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Ministry              63 Credits
The same tuition and financial aid applies as above.

NEW!! Students who left Oak Hills without completing their degree may complete their original degree whenever all of their remaining courses can be taken all online. The same tuition and financial aid applies as in our other online degrees. Check with us to see how this may apply to you.

NEW!! Continuing education online caters to the adult who wants to take online college courses for academic credit but who does not need/want to seek a degree. A special tuition rate of $175/credit applies. Adults in ministry are encouraged to seek their church’s sponsorship.

PSEO and traditional students can take online courses towards their high school or college degree.

According to a recent New York Times article, “Among all segments of workers sorted by educational attainment, college graduates are the only group that has more people employed today than when the recession hit.”[1] College graduates are better positioned to find employment and, as the economy improves, will be better placed to find promotions and positions that fully use their knowledge and skills.

If you haven’t checked the Adult/Online section of our website ( recently, now is the time to check out these new opportunities for you to pursue your dream for a college education and degree. We are here to serve – let us know how we can help!

               [1] Catherine Rampell, “College Graduates Fare Well in Jobs Market, Even Through Recession.” in the New York Times, May 3, 2013 (accessed May 6, 2013).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Announcing New Online Associate's Degree

As of June, 2013, Oak Hills will offer an Online Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies and Ministry. This degree will provide the adult online student with a broadly based program of biblical studies and ministry studies. It will prepare the student to serve in churches, para-church organizations or personal ministry. It will also prepare the learner who wants to pursue further education for a Bachelor's degree.

If you are in ministry and want to deepen your knowledge of the Bible, theology, and ministry skills, this program will meet that need. Older adults in a second or "finisher" career or church involvement will find the online courses well suited to their needs. Younger adults may well want to start with an Associate's degree and build toward further education. Of course, any prior college experience will be evaluated for transfer credits into the program.

As with the Bachelor's in Leadership and Ministry, the Associate's degree courses will all be offered online. Courses are short (5-10 weeks) and can be taken one or two at a time, at the pace you need. Financial aid is available. Our online tuition for 2013-2014 is $350/credit, one of the lowest for a private non-profit Christian college in the Midwest.

Summary of Degree Requirements -
Biblical Studies - 24 credits (8 courses)
Christian Ministry - 18 credits (6 courses)
General Education - 18 credits (6 courses)

With many online courses to choose from, each student will develop an individual graduation plan with courses particular to his/her ministry needs.